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M&M Control is Growing

December 3, 2012

There have been so many exciting changes happening at M&M Control, and as one phase comes to a close, we look forward to what the next step will bring.  So what exactly has been happening?

We are in the midst of expanding and updating our facilities, and most of the expansion and refurbishment is now complete.  We’ve moved and reallocated part of our warehousing, moved our shop to a different space, and added five new offices.  Additionally we’ve added a new conference room that has the ability to expand into two more offices, giving us the option to add more staff In the near future. Finally, we’ve completely upgraded and improved our entire computer network, upgrading all cabling and switching gear for increased capacity and stability. Along with this, we’ve added a new member to the team to focus on marketing, which optimizes our entire advertising, marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and web capability.

So what’s next? As we finish this physical expansion, our entire business follows suit.  We plan to increase our personnel to fill the spaces we’ve built, and we will be able to accommodate a larger volume of packaging and processing.  Increased space, increased staff, increased activity, and increased technology will mean increased service and expertise for you, our customers.  As we become larger, leaner, and meaner, we will continue to bring you the quality you’ve come to expect, but even more than you could have hoped for.  We look forward to the future of our business and sharing it with you.

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