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It’s Post-Winter Maintenance Season

May 14, 2013

Spring is well under way, and summer is around the corner—good news for many people! With summer comes a host of warm-weather happenings, as well as a host of easy but important maintenance issues.  With just a little bit of planning and prevention on your part, you’ll ease right into the season.

The northern regions are coming out of the heating season, and now is the time to perform work on your boiler systems.  This includes maintenance on the systems, checking and certifying panels, double checking controls, finding and replacing broken parts, etc.  Now is the right time to do this, because come fall, it’s always a scramble for people to get it done in time, and often it’s too late to get everything up and running in time for winter.

Another system to check this time of year is your irrigation system, which may be getting used for the first time in a while.  It’s important to check for any valving that might have become frozen and cracked, as that will need to be replaced.  It’s better to find out sooner rather than later.

Finally, homeowners in large communities where there are backflow prevention requirements—put in place to ensure nothing gets into and contaminates the water supply—must check and maintain those devices.  They too might have frozen and/or cracked during the cold winter months, and would therefore need to be repaired.  This goes for systems (including underground sprinkler systems) in parks, municipalities, and other public places as well.

Stay on top of these small issues now, practice smart maintenance and repair, and you’ll be assured a carefree summer!

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