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Manufacturer Spotlight: Siemens

September 3, 2013

At M&M Control, we represent only the highest caliber valve, controls, and gauge manufacturers out there. One of these is Siemens—an exceptionally high quality HVAC component manufacturer.

Manufacturing electronic and pneumatic HVAC controls, valves, sensors, actuators, thermostats, combustion controls, and pretty much every environmental control within a building, they epitomize excellence in the industry. In fact, in 1979, Siemens invented the first direct coupled actuator. Some of the most common applications for their products today are temperature and humidity rooms, ducts, indoor air quality, and efficiency purposes.

Temperature and humidity are extremely important, and their specifics vary based on the environment. Schools, universities, medical facilities, office buildings, museums, and commercial properties creating comfortable and efficient environments all begin with consistently precise performance of HVAC systems—a guarantee with Siemens valves and damper actuators. Add to that the energy efficiency and cost savings, and the benefits of these products are invaluable.  This is why some of the world’s most sophisticated buildings rely on Siemens.

Whether your applications are warehouses or clean rooms, Siemens’ complete range of sensors measure temperature, pressure, humidity, or air quality in rooms, ducts, or outside areas. The sensor range also includes multi-sensors that measure mixed gases, as well as sensors for special areas, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Their sensors utilize leading-edge technology and are manufactured to meet ISO-9001 standards for signal strength, accuracy, and reliability. Quickly installed and put into operation, the initial investment pays off right from the start, by providing significant savings on startup, service, and operating costs.

Our reputation relies on the reputation of our vendors, and we are proud to offer Siemens products to our customers.

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