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Meet the ARIA!! Warren Controls

July 2, 2018

This Month’s Featured Manufacturer

Warren Controls

About Warren Controls: Warren Controls has been in the valve business for more than 50 years serving a wide variety of commercial, industrial, military and OEM customers. The first products Warren Controls offered were regulators designed for the HVAC and marine industries. Today, the company’s product lines continue to grow through extensive product development and target marketing. Warren continues to set the bar on new and innovative fluid control products as evidenced below:

This year, Warren Controls rolled out the most robust modulating electric actuator in its class, with accuracy, speed and a whole host of useful features not found anywhere in its price category! Check out the details here, or call M&M Control for more information or for help with your application!

Meet the New ARIA

Warren ILEA SeriesIn 2016, Warren Controls introduced the ILEA line of Industrial Linear Electric Actuators. Historically, electric actuators were deemed ‘incapable’ by industrial standards; they could not take the ambient temperatures of those application environments; they did not have the speed; they were not ‘robust’; they did not have the Fail-Safe capability. If they did have all these attributes the cost was prohibitive.

This is no longer the case! Check out the 2800E, 2900E, and 5800E Series and invest in the ILEA Series today!

Warren Type 313 Overflow TrapLevel Controls: The overflow pipe of a deaerator prevents the tank from flooding and requires a Trap that keeps the steam blanket from escaping, relieves condensate, and is able to release the maximum amount of overflow.

Warren Type 313 Overflow Trap traps and relieves this condensate through its internal pilot without the steam blanket escaping. Buoyancy of its float ball provides force to actuate internal pilot operated single seat valve assembly to relieve condensate and overflow to drain.

Don’t forget to order your level controls!

M&M Control is a stocking distributor of Warren Controls products. For more product information or for help with your application, call us at 1-800-876-0036 for assistance!

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