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Hook Up to the Best of POWERS!

August 1, 2018

This Month’s Featured Manufacturer

View Powers Process Control Products

About PowersTM: Happy 34th Anniversary, M&M! Thirty-four years ago today, our founders began M&M with an idea, a garage, and POWERS behind them, the very first line we carried! PowersTM produces some of the finest, quality equipment from commercial shower applications to process grade valves and actuators.

Over the past one hundred years, Powers has continued to pursue a tradition of product innovation. Today the company holds patents on technologies that serve as the backbone for many products serving the commercial and industrial temperature control markets.

Check out the Flowrite II®Heavy Duty Bronze Globe Control Valve with a rugged design that is perfect for your steam/water modulation, mixing or bypass applications. Invest in our most popular model, the Powers No. 11 Regulator, that includes interchangeable sensing and control “components” for minimum downtime, greater flexibility, and extra economy. Catch the Next Wave in Master Tempering Valve Technology with HydroGuard®XP Master Mixers.


With Powers #11 Self-Operating Temperature Regulators, you no longer need external power to control your process. Just one temperature set-point adjustment to make and the rugged, self-operating #11 Regulator controls the flow of heating or cooling medium and maintains a uniform temperature. So whether you’re using processing equipment, heat exchangers, or machinery, Powers #11 Self-Operating Temperature Regulators are the easy solution to your control problems.


Flowrite II Heavy Duty Bronze Globe Control Valves
Utility bronze control valves for steam/water modulation, mixing or by-pass applications. Safety features protect your process and your personnel. Balanced and unbalanced designs. Multiple packing choices – spring loaded. Stainless steel hardware and actuator mounting accessories. Available with pneumatic diaphragm. Union and screwed ends. Multi-guided stability.


Master tempering shower valves are available in five sizes that temper water as high as 208 gpm and as low as 3 gpm. Advanced paraffin actuation technology delivers dynamic response and excellent low flow temperature control. The LFMM430 line also features a single-seat design for virtual shut down in the event of cold-water failure, triple-duty check stops with screens, and a 5°F (3°C) approach temperature for low temperature hot water supply.

M&M Control is a stocking distributor for PowersTM products. For more product information or for help with your application, call us at 1-800-876-0036 for assistance!

Meet the ARIA!! Warren Controls

July 2, 2018

This Month’s Featured Manufacturer

Warren Controls

About Warren Controls: Warren Controls has been in the valve business for more than 50 years serving a wide variety of commercial, industrial, military and OEM customers. The first products Warren Controls offered were regulators designed for the HVAC and marine industries. Today, the company’s product lines continue to grow through extensive product development and target marketing. Warren continues to set the bar on new and innovative fluid control products as evidenced below:

This year, Warren Controls rolled out the most robust modulating electric actuator in its class, with accuracy, speed and a whole host of useful features not found anywhere in its price category! Check out the details here, or call M&M Control for more information or for help with your application!

Meet the New ARIA

Warren ILEA SeriesIn 2016, Warren Controls introduced the ILEA line of Industrial Linear Electric Actuators. Historically, electric actuators were deemed ‘incapable’ by industrial standards; they could not take the ambient temperatures of those application environments; they did not have the speed; they were not ‘robust’; they did not have the Fail-Safe capability. If they did have all these attributes the cost was prohibitive.

This is no longer the case! Check out the 2800E, 2900E, and 5800E Series and invest in the ILEA Series today!

Warren Type 313 Overflow TrapLevel Controls: The overflow pipe of a deaerator prevents the tank from flooding and requires a Trap that keeps the steam blanket from escaping, relieves condensate, and is able to release the maximum amount of overflow.

Warren Type 313 Overflow Trap traps and relieves this condensate through its internal pilot without the steam blanket escaping. Buoyancy of its float ball provides force to actuate internal pilot operated single seat valve assembly to relieve condensate and overflow to drain.

Don’t forget to order your level controls!

M&M Control is a stocking distributor of Warren Controls products. For more product information or for help with your application, call us at 1-800-876-0036 for assistance!

Sterling. Simply Superb Performance

June 1, 2018

M&M Distributes the Finest Names in the Industry!


About Sterling Sterlco: Sterling Engineering Company (Sterl Co) began designing and manufacturing valves, traps, strainers, and condensate pumps for steam and hot water systems in 1916. Today, with more than 100 years of application experience, Sterlco is uniquely suited to meet your individual requirements and specifications.

Sterling Steam Control products are designed to help you maintain temperature, flow, and pressure, ensuring you get the most from your system. Sterlco® Temperature Control Valves are temperature actuated, self-powered, fully balanced, and applicable to heating or cooling processes using water, oil, steam, or other fluids. Simple yet efficient design requires minimum maintenance and heavy-duty construction assures long valve life.

Radiator Valves feature practical, simple styling for your steam or hot water heating systems. Strainers are engineered for water or steam, and are adaptable for many other uses. Steam Traps are preferred for efficient, economical vacuum, and pressure service.

The Sterlco® K Series 2′ NPSH Pump is designed to pump hot condensate up to 212° F on elevated tank units. If a steam trap fails in the system, this unit will continue to operate up to 12° higher than standard units. The added inducer increases vapor pressure and prevents the whole system failing from pump cavitation.

M&M Control is a stocking distributor for Sterling Steam Control. For additional product information, please refer to our Sterlco pages or give us a call today!

Do you know . . . which is the proper pump for your application? We can help you! M&M Control is a stocking distributor of Sterling Steam Control products. For more product information or for help with your application, call us at 1-800-876-0036 for assistance!

Manufacturer Spotlight: H.O. Trerice

November 29, 2013

At M&M Control, we are only as good as the manufacturers we represent—and luckily, our manufacturers are the best. Each and every one is known in their field for the quality and reliability of their products; we wouldn’t carry anything but the best.

One manufacturer who we’d like to focus on in this post is H.O. Trerice, a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of temperature and pressure measurement and controls since 1932. Like us, they are wholly committed to quality, and it shows throughout their product line.

Having grown from a supplier/manufacturer of high quality steam, boiler and HVAC instrumentation and controls serving early industrial America to a modern, worldwide leader, the company combines old-world American ingenuity with advanced technology and innovation. In fact, they are a perfect example of what American manufacturing should be.

While the products themselves are completely application dependent, the Trerice product line is broken down into three distinct product groupings: Pressure gauges, Temperature instrumentation, and Regulators and control valves.

We have proudly been carrying the H.O. Trerice product line for 30 years, and their internationally-recognized reputation, along with ours, has served to elevate us to an even higher level of quality. We carry a wide range of products from each of their product groupings. These include (but are not limited to): Process gauges, industrial gauges, and commercial/contractor gauges within the pressure gauge line; industrial thermometers, bimetal thermometers, and dial thermometers within the temperature instrumentation line; pressure regulators, temperature regulators, controllers, and heavy-duty control valves within the regulator & control valve line.

These are only a small sampling of the wide array of H.O. Trerice products we carry. We have extensive knowledge of each of their products, and can help guide you to the right one for your application. To see details on the full line, visit our website, and feel free to send any questions our way!

Solenoid Valves: A Integral Product for Every Industry

November 6, 2013

When it comes to valves, there are many different types for many different applications. One type of valve that commonly has a misconception is the solenoid valve; they are typically not thought of as high-end or highly technical, and have a stigma of being a commodity product. However, they are actually a very important instrument used in our everyday lives. Almost every industry uses and relies on solenoid valves in some fashion or function.

A solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated valve controlled via electric current through the solenoid coil, providing fast and safe switching, longevity, and reliability. They come in a variety of sizes, allowing for varied flow rates depending on the users’ needs. They come in low, standard, and hi voltage options as well.

So many different industries rely on the use of solenoid valves. Everything from transportation to food and chemicals (which require exotic materials such as stainless and hastelloy) make use of these versatile products.

At M&M Control, we recently partnered with the high-quality product line of J.D. Gould. Their history dates back to the mid-1930s, when the industrious John D. Gould began with the dream of creating a manufacturing company that would create a better variation of the common solenoid valve. Through ups and downs along the way, the company has remained a family-owned business, and today they are driven by loyalty, passion, and inventiveness, producing a high-quality niche product line with very fast order turns.

We carry a wide variety and a large inventory of J.D. Gould’s valves. We can easily guide our customers to the right solenoid valve for their needs, and are happy to answer any questions about the product line. We’re proud to now offer this company’s products—known for their quality and reliability—and look forward to delivering their superiority to our clients.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Siemens

September 3, 2013

At M&M Control, we represent only the highest caliber valve, controls, and gauge manufacturers out there. One of these is Siemens—an exceptionally high quality HVAC component manufacturer.

Manufacturing electronic and pneumatic HVAC controls, valves, sensors, actuators, thermostats, combustion controls, and pretty much every environmental control within a building, they epitomize excellence in the industry. In fact, in 1979, Siemens invented the first direct coupled actuator. Some of the most common applications for their products today are temperature and humidity rooms, ducts, indoor air quality, and efficiency purposes.

Temperature and humidity are extremely important, and their specifics vary based on the environment. Schools, universities, medical facilities, office buildings, museums, and commercial properties creating comfortable and efficient environments all begin with consistently precise performance of HVAC systems—a guarantee with Siemens valves and damper actuators. Add to that the energy efficiency and cost savings, and the benefits of these products are invaluable.  This is why some of the world’s most sophisticated buildings rely on Siemens.

Whether your applications are warehouses or clean rooms, Siemens’ complete range of sensors measure temperature, pressure, humidity, or air quality in rooms, ducts, or outside areas. The sensor range also includes multi-sensors that measure mixed gases, as well as sensors for special areas, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Their sensors utilize leading-edge technology and are manufactured to meet ISO-9001 standards for signal strength, accuracy, and reliability. Quickly installed and put into operation, the initial investment pays off right from the start, by providing significant savings on startup, service, and operating costs.

Our reputation relies on the reputation of our vendors, and we are proud to offer Siemens products to our customers.

Repairing, Retrofitting, and Replacing Parts: Which is Right For You?

June 26, 2013

When it comes to the question of rebuilding and retrofitting valves versus replacing them entirely, how do you know which to choose?  Of course, every situation and application is different, but when you’re working with a valve specialist, you can be guided to the pros and cons, various scenarios, and ultimately, the right choice for you.  Whenever a customer of ours comes to us with an old part, and is unsure of which choice to make, we will provide quotes for both replacement and repair, and go over all aspects of each option.

No matter what the choice, factors such as brand, age of the product, size of the project, and specific reasons for needing to change it come into play.

Of course cost is also a huge issue. When you are dealing with a small, lower-priced commodity-type valve, it will most likely be just as cost effective to replace the entire part as it will be to rebuild it; the labor and time involved in repair most likely isn’t worth it. However, when you are looking at a larger, more expensive product—perhaps a valve that goes for $5,000—it’s very often more cost effective to rebuild it. For ½ or 1/3 the price, we can rebuild the valves at our facilities and save you considerable amounts of money.

The particular industry and application are also a factor.  In certain industries if a product is changed out or updated, for instance, the process can be consumed in departmental approvals and reviews creating an inordinate amount of down time and increasing the costs.   In cases such as this, there is a much greater value in having the valve repaired versus replaced.

In general, it’s important to remember that when changing parts of a larger system, any replacement may have an affect somewhere else in the process. However, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds.  Consider these factors, and work with a professional who knows all there is to know about your options.  They will be able to guide you through this process, provide all the specifications you need, and will help you make the right decision for your needs.

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